Jasseca Chiem Capstone

Screenshot 2017-05-18 at 8.59.40 PM
Screenshot 2017-05-18 at 8.59.40 PM
Since 2017 is my last year as a student at Science Leadership Academy @Beeber, I decided to do my Senior Capstone on “Welcome to Cooking With Jasseca”. As a Cambodian American living in Philadelphia, not many people know about us, our culture or our food. And because of that, I decided to incorporate my love for food and my culture into my Capstone Project. The purpose of my Senior Capstone project is to learn a few Cambodian dishes from scratch with the help of my grandmother and uncle. I wanted to focus on something that is a part of me. As I was growing older, I felt a sudden disconnection from my culture. Though, as I entered high school, I was able to slowly come to terms on who I am and where my family derived from. And so I asked myself the beginning of senior year, “What can I do for my capstone where I will enjoy and learn throughout the process? How can I make a positive impact to others with what I do?” And so I thought about cooking Cambodian dishes! Not only do I enjoy cooking, but I can learn what type of things are used to create these dishes. I decided to make a blogpost where I can put the recipes on in order to share with others who are interested in cooking these delicious dishes! Sharing these recipes with others will allow them to have a taste of Cambodia! So far, I was able to make two soup dishes and 1 appetizer. I hope to continue doing this in the future, adding on more recipes of delicious Cambodian cuisine to my blog. 

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