Jean P. Aviles-Alvarez - Capstone

For my capstone what I decided to make was a book. The purpose of this book was to be entertaining yet possess some information regarding things that could happen to our world if we did not take care of it. To most people this could seem like a simple task but a good amount of research was needed in order to picture how the future would look if say, we don't take action on global warming. I first started out by attempting to write the book without any outline and it was horrible. But that helped me realize I needed to act as if I never knew about the book and that was I made an actual outline to remember what to say next. Through the creation of this book I learned how to describe a setting better and how to blend in information with a form of entertainment. Even if it was tedious due to all the editing that was involved I found it fun and hopefully others will like this book and think about our environmental issues more.