Julie Baker Capstone

For my capstone, I wanted to give the juniors some helpful tips and help them get a head start on the college process. I know first hand the college process can be very agonizing and stressful, but I believe with the help of my capstone it would make the process much easier. I met with a group of juniors once a day after school for four weeks to help them prepare for the college selection process that they will be facing next year. One of the actives that we did together was I help set up their Common App. I asked around my senior class and ask what was one of the hardest things about the college process and almost all their responses were setting up the Common App. The Common App was not only difficult to fill out but it had so much information that you needed. With this information in mind, I had my group start setting up their college board to get a head start before senior year. With getting college board information out of the way now, they will be ahead of their class peers entering their senior year. This will cause less stress on them while they can focus on college essays and benchmarks. The reason why I wanted this to be my capstone is that I wanted to share the information that I wish I knew going into my senior year. Senior year is a very stressful yet exciting year, I wanted the juniors to spend their last year at SLA making memories not stressing over what comes next.