Lamont Robinson

Abstract Paragraph:

The goal of my capstone originally was to create an animation, but due to not really having that much free time I had to settle for turning the scene into a still instead. For this image I took a lot more time looking at inspirational image to really get a good look at what I wanted to do. I started looking at references for churches mostly to find a setup that I would actually like. I ended up settling down with something involving God Rays flooding the room to create heavy contrast. After the basic composition was blocked out I started to spend a lot more time on the characters that I would have in the scene. To create the character standing in the center I used a common technique where you sculpt the model using dynamic topology. Afterwards I went ahead retopologized the model so she could actually be used for texturing/shading/posing. After I was satisfied with the main character I went back to the scene and detailed that to an extent that made me happy. Something different I did for this scene though was composite the scene the nuke rather than in Blender. So I had to learn my way around Nuke to do proper color grading and fx for the image. After the composite was done in nuke I made slight changes in Krita for the final image.

Annotated Bibliography

Creating an annotated bibliography is a little weird for this but all of these were used for the same reason. All these sources provided references/textures/software that I was using to create this piece. Pixabay and were used for textures I used in the image. 3d artist, pixabay, blendernation, and blender artists were used for references. Lastly Nuke, and, as well as krita were the sites i got the software from.

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