Creativity while learning: I use creativity while learning, like I brainstorm or write down bullet points, creativity helps me express my feelings on what I am writing in a short sentence or a phrase or a paragraph or when I am studying , or if I am writing a book creativity helps me write down the important stuff which comes in my mind. It's always good to use creativity while I write or type or study for something, for example I can study using creativity in many ways I can learn in many different ways like studying the way you were told to when you were a kid. People use many ways of creativity to learn. A lot of people don’t use creativity and that is not so good, because it is always good to learn using your creativity. I use creativity while studying, like if I am having trouble solving math problems or a problem in physics, I can use creativity to learn, this a very good way of studying, authors write books using creativity, and by using creativity people can do things like write songs and poetry and rap songs. When I was little I used creativity to study and write stuff and draw. People in West Coast custom use their creativity to make designs and they also use creativity to pimp up cars.

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