Creativity while learning makes me feel amazing because I can express myself and without having to be confined to the teachers of ideas of learning. Learning through creativity I feel like is the best way to learn. Learning is a special thing for me and while learning I often times found out things about myself. For example, recently I found out I become distracted while in school/completing assignments because I look at my phone every 2 to 3 minutes. Discovering this has taught me to gain self control and focus more on my assignments and not everything around me.

Creativity while learning especially in high school is important for mostly two reasons. Reason number one is 9 years of kindergarten, elementary, and then middle school there was always an element of creativity and entering ¨normal¨ high school all creativity and fun goes down drain and sometime causes a lack of attention and boredom. Reason number 2 is while in high school that is the time you learn most about yourself. When you are restrained from using your own brain and being put in a box you learn nothing about yourself.

Creativity I feel is a major key to success. While being creative, you learn more about the others around you and your personality traits. Currently attending SLA@Beeber, I noticed that in the classroom setting people have began to come out of their shells and take in new interest. I feel as though learning creatively has even changed my outlook on others and the world. In being creativity I for one has begun to take interest in new sports, t.v shows, and even my friend choices have changed.

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Nateerah Wilson (Student 2020)
Nateerah Wilson

I strongly agree with all your thoughts. It is true when you stated at SLAbeeber we are comfortable expressing ourselves and coming out of our shells. I was aware you spoke about your early childhood years, having creativity is normal.