Learn Create Lead


Creativity while learning makes me feel like I can make learning or making my work my own.I feel as though when I have room to make my creativity known I get my work done faster I work harder and I want to do my work.It shows my passion for what I love. It shows me when I feel.When I can show creativity I can make my work look better then ever. You also have to put  creativity in work that might not have any in it. You might have to look to your creative side and make the work creative.Everyone has it but not everyone knows how to use it. Some people use it but not to their best advantage or put the effort in. Creativity is one of the most important things.It’s more than drawing or making a picture it’s showing what you know. It’s also you what you have in you to make it better ad not a little bit in a way that’s different in a way nobody else does or did in the past. It’s new and exciting.creativity comes in all forms and sizes you might be called creative for one thing and something that you never done before more than something you’ve done your whole life.Some people like teachers, parents, peers, etc see your thing and don’t look at creative side. Form a personal experience I would make something or more specific write an essay and might think it the best thing I ever did.The only thing remember creativity it everywhere. Most all it’s you.

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