Limited Palette Painting

For this quarters project, I choose to do a limited pallet painting.  The limited palette painting is when you only use 5 or fewer colors of your choosing.  For my limited palette, I chose the colors: green, red, flesh-toned, brown, and black.My drawing is of a girl with her eyes with her closed and hand on her chin.  I mixed the flesh-tone and brown together, to make a light brown skin tone.  Her head is tilted to the side with light and dark brown dyed hair flowing down to her neck. With her eyes closed, I made her lashes long and full, while her nose is small and long. Her lips are full, with pink lipstick.  She also has a tribal pattern above her eyebrows.  The piece that I made shows self-reflection, and peace. It is a reminder of how you think about yourself and knowing your worth when your eyes are closed to the world.

The materials that I used for this painting was 5 different watercolors. To create the strokes on the painting I used small brushes. The surface I painted was watercolor paper.  The small brushes are used to create detail and I used them for the whole painting.  The watercolor was used with more water than the actual paint in some cases or vice versa to create the colors of the painting.This piece of artwork connects to my previous work based on having a meaning connected to me or my family.  For the first step, I looked up simple sketches of a girl.After that I got my desired paper to do the artwork on which was watercolor paper.  Then I sketched out where I wanted everything to go on the watercolor paper( I was taking a while on that) In short I began to paint in the last few class periods we had. Finally, I went over some final detail in pencil so it can stand out more.

There are also some very famous artists that have done similar work like me that have deep means in their work. Some of these people are Amedeo Modigliani and Pablo Picasso. An important technique that's involved in my artwork is the brush stroke. When painting you tend to use a light hand strokes/ movement of the had to create texture. For me, I used a light hand as well as a heavy hand to make some parts stand out more. When doing the painting I also learned about the usage of the water to the color ratio for different opaqueness of color.  When I was creating this piece of artwork, became fond/ proud of my choice in color, and how it turned out to be more realistic than I thought.  I also like the way her head is tilt, her long eyelashes, also the different colors of brown in her hair. Aside from what I think is good, I would like to change the way of her hands. I want to change them so that they can be more realistic. I also want to shade in some more parts in to make some contrast. I learned that there are many ways to create paintings with different forms of makeshift texture from the stroke of a brush and, using limited colors to create an array of things.