Litter (Philadelphia is Our Trash Can!)

Ms. Aziz
Environmental Science

Are Environmental PSA is about litter. Litter is a very huge Problem in Philadelphia! Philadelphia is third most dirtiest city. The main reason for this is because a lot of people aren’t disposing their trash properly. Instead, people are using our city, our plant as their personal trash can. So we based our PSA around litter and how we can try to prevent it. I helped my group just by doing what they need done. Also, learning my lines and and making sure they come out nice. I think it went well overall everyone got there lines done and we basically was able to film everyone's lines in one day. The only thing was the half day because of the Keystone testing and a class trip through our class time off. The most meaningful part of creating this PSA was seeing how my group was able to work with me when I was caught because I was absent.