Lucas Borschell Capstone

My capstone is a book, which contains several short stories. The stories are made to represent themes and ideas from people close to me in the senior class, as well as their feelings about the school. Throughout the process of meeting with my mentor and altering my plan, I have been working on these stories and adjusting them to make them the most meaningful sendoff to our class possible. Most of the early difficulty was making a plan that I liked and that worked, one that encapsulated all I wanted to do with the project as well as make a final product that I could be proud of. This included format, presentation type, quantity of stories, and outlines. The next difficulty was then asking around to those in my senior class that were close to me and getting prompts from them. This took some time management to do, and an issue with it was that the people who would submit prompts varied as well as when I would be able to see them and ask. This project has taught me a lot about my writing style, common mistakes I make, how to properly plan out stories, as well as given me experience on how to make well established pieces based off of specific themes or parts of life. It has helped me to improve and further integrated my application of literature to real life situations. I enjoyed my time working on this capstone, and I'm proud for what I've accomplished.

Serendipity Excerpt