Marian Heredia Capstone Aziz 2019

For my capstone, I decided to make a PSA about why people should adopt their animals from the shelter and not buy from any breeders or pet shops. I’ve always been an animal lover since I was born. I’ve even thought deep and hard about going into a career with animals such as a vet. Deciding the topic for my project wasn’t hard at all and this is even one of my favorite projects that I’ve done in my high school career. The process for the project wasn’t too hard to do since I enjoyed it. We researched a bunch online about puppy mills and pet shops. I also went in person to the SPCA and interviewed an employee there who also gave us a lot of good information which is shown in my presentation. Our final product ended up being the slideshow with all the information we learned, and it also includes a video interview and a montage of all the animals at the shelter.