Our Game Controller

Abdul’s reason.

I chose to do a game controller and light up the buttons because games actually bring allot of fun to my life. I love playing games in my free time and enjoy playing it with my friends and family.The game controller is like a pathway to the game and it has tons of different combinations that allows you to do tons of cool stuff ingame.Games have been apart of my life since forever.Playing games even reminds me of the good times I had with family members that I haven’t seen in forever.Playing sports and video games affected my personality in which it made me more competitive..I chose to light up the controller sort as a tribute and I thought it would be really cool.

Aedans reason.

I choose to make a video game controller light up for the project because playing video games bring me much joy and happiness. When I do nt have school or when I’am done with my homework I will always be playing video games, either on my xbox 360, wii, 3ds, tablet, or computer. Without video games for more than 5 hours I get bored out of my mind. Also I thought it would look cool with the buttons lit up on the controler.

Why we chose to work together and our similar reasons for doing this.

We choose to work together because of our interest in video games, we both sit at the same table, and we are friends.
Screenshot 2015-01-12 at 8.43.33 AM
Screenshot 2015-01-12 at 8.43.33 AM

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