Physics Christmas Tree Sculpture


Artist statement

Shadiyah: This project is important to me because it is a fun, educational way to build a circuit including the resistors. Also, this project is important because it helps me understand about a circuit and the equations of a resistor and how to find the resistors in a circuit. One reason I did this project was because I wanted to add a challenge to building it while including  bulbs, wires, a battery, and wire tape. Me and my partner built a Christmas tree. It is 11 inches with copper wire to build and wire tape to hold the pieces together.

Emanuel: This project is important to me because, not only did I have a fun way to practice using circuits, but I got to learn new things about how to connect circuits. Me and my partner built a modern style Christmas tree. Its about 11 inches tall and has to separate halves. The main structure is made of thick copper wire. We used wire tape to hold it all together. This sculpture is important and meaningful to me because it symbolizes one of my favorite holidays and I put a lot of thought into it.

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