1 Point perspective

Sianni Wood

Fighting's like WW3.....Still loves me 

Sister's are supposed to fight because that's just how it is. But me and my sister when we fight we really fight. There will be fist thrown, kicks kicked, slaps slapped, scratches, pinches everything. We both have scars from the fights that we have and we both have said some very mean things in the midst of fighting. But we both know that we mean no harm and if one of us are n trouble the other will be right there to pick up the pieces and help.

Example: One time when me and her were out we were playing ding dong dipsy. It was my turn to go so after i rung the doorbell and started running somebody came outside to see who was at the door and my sister got really scared and pushed me out of her way and i scrapped my shoulder and twisted my ankle and then we started arguing but then we noticed that the person from the house was coming towards us and when she reached us my sister took the blame for ringing the doorbell and we made up.