PSA: Food Safety

Food safety is a subject that impacts all of us. Recently there have been a number of bacterial outbreaks that have threatened our public health. Factors that play a big part in these outbreaks are lack of prevention control, hand washing, proper sanitation, following rules and regulations provided by FDA and FSMA and regulatory agencies such as the CDC and OSHA enforcing fines on corporations who do not implement food safety that were put in place to protect the public from outbreaks. The way that I contributed to this project is by researching and sharing my opinions and ideas in our PSA. I also conducted the interview. I think what I would have wanted to do differently was spend more time finding more people  to interview for more perspectives on the issue. Food safety issues have recently just been taken more seriously. researched has been stumped due to lack of money from the government to take care of the issue. The FDA has been finding more money to get technology that will benefit out mission on protecting our public health. The most meaningful part of this PSA was learning and getting to share what I learned to help our society come together for a cause that will in some way affect all of us.