Public Health and Blindness

For our benchmark, we decided to choose the public health issue of blindness. In our PSA we talked about what blindness was, how it affects so many people around the world both economically and physically, how people can be aware of what blindness is, how people can prevent themselves from developing it and how Optometrists play a part in trying to work with people who are at risk of losing their sight and those who have already lost it. I know from personal experience because of the struggles that my dad who is visually impaired(blind) has to go through especially with the healthcare system. So it was good that we chose this topic because it's something that I know well of. Everyone in my group did a good job of playing their role in the group. My role in the group was finding someone we could interview. Unfortunately, we couldn't get someone from an organization but we were able to talk to my dad's optometrist.

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