Public health and Blindness PSA

We choose the topic of Blindness. Our group member Sanai’s dad is mostly blind, and she knew of his optometrist. We thought that it would be a topic that could help benefit those who are blind and those becoming blind. It’s an informational P.S. A that can he reach people and their families if they have such vision impairments. We talk about organizations and provide examples. While also talking to a professional, on the health issue.

For this project and how I have involved myself was crucial as being a team leader. I was there to do my part, but also ask my group members to do certain things that I couldn’t. We all communicated well on the tasks that needed to be done. I am very outspoken so, I talked through everything with my group mates before setting anything in stone. It was a good environment and the way that the project came out of the efforts of everyone, didn’t turn out bad. I do feel like when it came to the video that we could have practiced more, but other than that I felt like our information was good. When thinking about it, I would like to add more edits to the video and make it more visually appealing to the public. Even with me wanting to change things, the best part about this P.S. A was doing it with my friends. We had a lot of laughs behind the scenes, and it was a good way to end the last benchmark of the year in this class.