Q2 Benchmark Littering PSA

I was adamant on picking littering as our topic because I see litter on a daily basis, with no action being taken to solve this issue. I find it absurd how something simple such as picking up after yourselves is such a heavy task for some individuals on this Earth. In fact, around one million birds and 100,00 marine mammals on average die each year because of litter in oceans. With this in mind, our video serves to educate people about littering with providing an example of someone littering and someone correcting that person on it. My part of this group project was majority editing the video. I also played a part in the video and helped write the script. Hopefully, our efforts have shown through our work, but if I had a chance to do things differently, I would condense the video some more. To conclude, I think that this whole project was memorable in figuring out how we wanted to present our PSA that would engage our audience, and more importantly make them want to contribute to defeating littering. 

VIDEO LINK - https://youtu.be/bXWl1N-0Au4