Q4 Benchmark INDIVIDUAL final submission

    • Provide a summary of the contents of your video and a rationale for why YOU chose this topic, in paragraph form.
The topic of this was random so I didn't technically choose it. However, I did find it interesting to find out more about our topic. The topic was about the state of women's healthcare-specifically reproductive healthcare.The video mostly just goes over how severe the defunding could be to several reproductive healthcare stations, and how it practically went under the radar with everything that happened after the result of the election.
    • Provide a reflection on how you contributed to the project and the role you played in the group.
I wrote the script, wrote some of the questions, contributed to the research, and recorded david. (Not the interview)
    • What did you do well and what could you have done differently?
It could've been submitted on time, and I think we did a good job finding someone to interview even after calling robots for 3 days.
    • What was the most meaningful part of the experience of creating the PSA?
Probably how hard it was to actually get any information.

      • Try to summarize by addressing some of the unit essential questions
        • What factors affect public health?
No reproductive healthcare station directly affect public health there could be an unexpected bump in STDs, more miscarriages, etc., anything that relates to reproduction could potentially see severe side effects 
      • What role do the economy, politics, and society play in the healthcare system?
The politics of the nation directly affect the healthcare system because they're being funded by the government, and as far as the economy is concerned if the economy skyrockets downwards we might see things like removing funding from several healthcare stations.
      • How is the process of research being affected?
The process of research could be affected by the lack of answers you get when trying to contact any one of these stations, and it could also be affected by the defunding bill that just passed.
      • What careers apply public health and concepts from anatomy/physiology?
Doctors, Nurses, Veterinarians, etc. Anyone that works in the public health field will apply concepts from anatomy/physiology.