Q4 Benchmark INDIVIDUAL final submission

  1. Provide a summary of the contents of your video and a rationale for why YOU chose this topic, in paragraph form. 
  • Our group did our video on tobacco use. We chose this topic because we already knew it was a huge public health issue that many people pay know mine to. We start the video with a introduction to what tobacco is. Then we start to talk about tobacco in media. After talking about tobacco in media we talk about tobacco in the youth. Health and how tobacco affects it is what we talk about next. After that we give our closing statement.
  1. Provide a reflection on how you contributed to the project and the role you played in the group.
  • I believe I contributed a lot to the project. I wrote the script and put the video together.
  1. What did you do well and what could you have done differently?
  • I believe I did well explaining our topic. I feel like I could had done more research to get more information.
  1. What was the most meaningful part of the experience of creating the PSA?
    1. Try to summarize by addressing some of the unit essential questions
      1. What factors affect public health?
      2. What role do the economy, politics, and society play in the healthcare system?
      3. How is the process of research being affected?
      4. What careers apply public health and concepts from anatomy/physiology?
  • The most meaningful part of creating this PSA was being able to inform people. Tobacco is one of the leading cause of deaths in the U.S. and still people smoke. The government puts taxes on cigarettes but that still doesn't stop people from smoking them. Media keeps people from being well informed, everyone knows smoking is bad but most people do not really care. Most people who are against tobacco use are cancer survivors or members of a family who lost someone to cancer. They lead the movement and start charities and organizations to help people from all over.