Q4 Benchmark INDIVIDUAL final submission By Amin Robinson

Our topic was reproductive healthcare and in this video, David played the role of our spokesperson in which he explained the effects that low healthcare for women in U.S. I contributed to this project creating questions and acting as the interviewer I called multiple and loads of people and I made sure I got enough information on reproductive healthcare as possible. I feel like in creating this project I could have been more vocal with my interviewing. I've watched PSAs and I feel like we could have made our a little bit more PSA-ish because we never experienced it we actually didn't even know how to create it. reproductive health care affects mostly women because women are sometimes prohibited by society to make their own reproductive choices such as abortion and whether they want to keep a baby, Women are losing their reproductive rights. Some factors that affect public health is the loss of social power of the people. The public should be able to have some social power over health care because they are the ones that pay for it. Economics is the structure in how money is distributed and I don't think that is distributed when I come to reproductive health care because most women are at risk when it comes to their reproductive system. The process of research is being affected because there are many different views on reproductive rights some believe there should be pro-.life but those that believe they should have power over their reproductive system are usually poor and unable to handle a baby and insurance. I feel like careers like psychologist, and sociologist the most because psychology is the study of the mind, sometimes public health soon affects the mind of those in poor conditions while sociologist study the society's effects on a person what makes a person mentally sick or physically sick