"Relaxing Bug" Street Art

IMAG0754 (1)
IMAG0754 (1)

My piece was inspired by the children's books that I read with my son. I wanted to create something that felt whimsical and imaginative. 

I chose the location I did because I wanted it to look as though the insect was lounging in  a corner and I wanted it to be near my room. 

I have been paying attention to the different styles of illustration in children's books and have really been thinking about how under-appreciated some children's book art is. I also thought about how an image can transport the viewer and also pique a viewer's interest in finding out more of the story. I like to imagine that there is a story being told in my drawing.

I am now paying attention to the varied styles of street art and I think more about the purpose behind the art that I see and the characters that artists create, similar to how children's book illustrators have to think about the characters that they are illustrating.