Reproductive Healthcare w/ L.A.D. News!

In my group’s video, w/ Amin and Lamont, we decided to interview my Uncle who was the Vice President of Operations at Robert Wood Johnson Barnabus Health System. In our interview, we go over the importance of Planned Parenthood, the importance of it being available, and the importance of who is controlling it, plus more.

I chose this topic because I was pulled into it after being late to class, but agreed to it because I felt that the injustice of repealing Planned Parenthood just seemed much too unrealistically evil at the time when I heard about it. It pulled a heartstring I didn’t know was there.

In the project, I’m pretty sure I contributed a good one-third of a pie, especially towards the end. I know that I helped out with the first checkpoint, didn’t do the questions in checkpoint two, but lastly did edit the video at the end and conduct the interview, which was pretty heavy on its own. In doing things differently, I could’ve just been more responsible in my timing in getting everything done.

  1. The factors that affect public health are the politicians that sell it and the local hospitals and offices that inform people of the best health options and spread their info to news stations to inform the public, furthermore.

  2. Economy, being money and trade, influences how much people are willing to invest in their health so long as it doesn’t make them go broke, politics influence the public’s will with arguments that only provide money from being heard but not any actual helpful effects for the people affected by them, and half of society just tries to wrap their finger around the problem and promote solutions to these problems that help those affected by said problems for the low cost of free thought and better health rather than money that doesn’t even go to them in the long run.

  3. The process of research is strenuous to get into and it takes a very long time before you may reach any executive anywhere for help. It almost felt unheard of in my group’s research.

  4. One profession pertaining to public health in anatomy and physiology would be, Vice President of Operations inside a hospital. Others would be Pharmacists, Dental Hygienists, Chiropractors, R.N.’s, Biomedical Laser Technicians, Neurophysiological Technologists… etc.

The video will be up soon, it’s just processing.