Sarah Sam's Senior Capstone

For my senior capstone, my focus was on sustainable art. Sustainable art not only promotes sustainable practices but also stimulates people on how we can better our environment. There are many hazardous compounds in art products that can harm the environment and human health. I mostly did a lot of research on different sustainable art interpretations such as, using recycled materials or Eco-friendly materials, buying supplies from sustainable businesses, etc. To accomplish this, I partnered with the SLAB Green Team to compete in a high school Eco-sculpture competition. With the new addition of the 5th graders, I was able to have 5th graders do art as we brainstorm what our sculpture would be about. During this process, I challenged the 5th graders to conceptually think of how we can turn their art pieces into reality through sustainable art. Whether that be making a ladybug out of recycled red bottle caps or a butterfly from used curtains.