Savannah Harris Mental Health

For my capstone, my partner Tianna and I created awareness to Mental Health. We decided to do research on our own and collaborate with what we have. The process first started off with taking notes, summaries, and reading articles on Mental Health. We had several meetings where we would discuss the meaning of Mental Health. Mental Health is a condition where it can affect your ability to stay on task and your emotional well- being. With the research, we then took surveys which gave us a lot of feedback on how students manage Mental Health and the different types of Mental Health such as anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, or stress. We also did interviews with our peers and staff member at SLA on Mental Health. This expanded our thinking on how we can make solutions to Mental Health. The process of our capstone wasn’t bad at all, we had several meetings and collaborated on everything! We met a lot of new people during our interviews and heard their voices on how they deal with mental health. The product of our capstone included a presentation slide show, a video, and a survey. The slide show explains more in detail how our mental health process with, our videos gives you interviews from our SLA peers and staff members. And our surveys show you the data from our school on answering questions such as what is mental health, dealing with it, symptoms, etc. What I learned from my capstone is that it’s very important to take care of yourself. It’s important that you get enough sleep, throughout your life you must make time for yourself, always stay organized and use your time wisely. From our feedback, I learned a lot of students deal with mental health issues especially during school specifically from stress. I was able to agree on that! So you could never know what a student would be going through, I think it’s very important that with a school community staff members, friends, and nurses should check on students daily t make them feel more comfortable!