Science Leadership Academy Middle School Mentorship Program w/Faithe Ben

Capstone Presentation
This is a 6-month long program meant to reach out to the SLA Middle School students and help them acclimate to the core values and the expectations that come along with going to an SLA school. We would be helping them with social issues that come along with being older and working with other students, which is encouraged by our collaboration value and aiding them with any academic issues they may come across. Essentially, the mentors would be playing a big brother/big sister role and working to help improve relations with the mentees throughout the program. This program will help build ties with our sister school and also teach them how they, too, can help the community around them. I choose to continue this program because I have 3 younger sisters and several cousins, so I am very involved in helping them with troubles they may face in school, with classwork, or with people. I wanted to extend this to kids in the SLA community that had no one else to help them. This program helped to make kids who weren´t comfortable talking to other kids, comfortable and willing to engage with their classmates. This program helped to encourage kids to try their best even if they fail a couple of times before they make it. This program was created to give the rising students of the SLA community a place to go and feel like themselves, to be guided, to be listened to, to create bonds.