Second Chances Matter!


For my design, I chose to do this design because I wanted to make something that made a story. When I was in the 3rd grade, I used to go to my neighbors house after school because my mom worked late and my neighbor was willing to take care of me and my older brother, Nicholas. One day my brother, my neighbor’s son, and I were hanging out outside in my neighbor’s backyard when I noticed they had a skateboard. Beforehand, I had never seen one and was very interested in trying it (Oh, trust me, like all stories… it gets dark) so I jumped on it. As soon as I kicked the ground to start, I slipped off and fell right on my elbow fracturing it. After 4 months of wearing a cast and pretty much ruining my baseball life, I got my cast off and vowed never to ride again.

Two years went by of no skateboarding and honestly didn’t pay any mind to it until my brother came home with a longboard telling my mom that he found a new hobby. Being the little brother that I was, I wanted to be just like him (still do by the way) and decided to go back to skateboarding even if it meant going back to risking of breaking any bones. After a couple of weeks of my brother teaching me everything that I needed to learn to at least ride a skateboard, I was finally able to ride without falling. Since then, skateboarding has been my favorite way of transportation.

When people see my project, I want them to hear my story and know that I am a person that is willing to give second chances, even to those that harm me the most.

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