Self Portrait


I drew a picture of my inner grandmother. I drew this because I was really close with my grandma when I was younger. They called me her and her twin sister (my great aunt) triplets because we all looked exactly alike. They even put her name (Verlene) as my middle name because they knew she was going to love me dearly when I was born. I remember going over her house when I was younger and she would feed me my favorite food, mashed potatoes and chicken and give me red wine and me, her and my grandpa would sit and watch scary movies together.  Unfortunately she died in 2007 of a heart disease.

In the picture I included an old lady face with no wrinkles. I included no wrinkles because she didn’t have any wrinkles, she died when she was 50 which is very young. I included her with big lips with green lipstick because green represents life, growth and harmony and I felt like this was apart of her personality. I feel as though she will live on forever in me, she is apart of me forever. She was always happy and positive no matter what. She always saw the good in situations and the good in people. I made her with dimples because both her and I have really deep dimples, it is one of our best assets. Last but not least I created her with a lot of curly hair. My grandma had a buzz cut but she always wore curly wigs to church every sunday. I didn’t want to make her with a short cut because I always felt like that didn’t match her personality. She is fun and spontaneous. Because of me, My grandma with live forever.

The tools I used to create my work of art was colored pencils. I used colored pencils because it had all the colors that I wanted to incorporate into my artwork. When I colored my picture I made sure all the colors were vividly shown, I colored the lips and dark as possible so that it can pop out. I also learned while making the curls that the harder you press on the pencil the more defined the curls will be.

I am most proud that I was able to not just draw this picture, but bring it to life and tell a story through it. I would say though that if I had to change one thing, I probably would have tried harder to make her eyes even and make it look like she has a body at the bottom.  To finish this off I just want to say that drawing this picture have brought back so many memories and I learned to always cherish your loved ones while you still have them with you because tomorrow isn’t promised for anyone.