Senior Capstone ( Nursing )

My purpose for this project is to gain experience, become educated about what it means to be a school nurse, and to be able to possibly educate any potential students who want to be registered nurses. After my aunt passed I was ready to spread her love and care around the world to others through spirit and actions. After she passed due to Uterine Cancer, I not only wanted to learn more about the causes of Cancer and how to prevent or regulate them but I also wanted to learn more about all the different diseases the people have and how important it is to be a nurse no matter field. If I can learn how to provide my services and learn the terms and instructions that I need to, these will surely come in handy one day. I want to understand these procedures so that when I am working I am not only learning for myself I am also able to influence the lives of others who will either want to make it out this eventful time or impact the lives of others whom I am working on.

My purpose is not only gain this experience but also explain this experience to others so that they understand also why the role of a nurse is so important, if you cannot understand why the role of a registered nurse is important then you will never understand why a school nurse is significant to academic success rate in a school environment.