Senior Capstone - Santana Outlaw

​For my senior capstone, I made the decision to focus on student activism. My passion for politics has been strongly represented throughout my 4 years in SLA@Beeber, through projects, classwork assignments, and class discussions. In order to represent said passion, I decided to document student activist moments. The video is only a portion of my entire capstone, so it's shorter in length. I made the decision to give back to the school community by creating a space where political views are shared with no judgement. The name of the club is Fundamental Rights for Everyone, Everywhere (F.R.E.E.) Club. 
I created this video to show off students/teenagers that aren't just lazy kids. We sacrifice our time to give back to our communities, fight for our rights, and prioritize our lives. Students can too, be activists. In fact, society's youth often begin new trends; it's never denounced that our voices have recently had an influx of impact. Even though the word spread about my club, I feel as though this was a great opportunity to talk about the importance of student/youth involvement in politics. Too often, I've seen my peers pretend to care about an issue just for the sake of saying something. There's also the concern that it'd be overwhelming. I wanted this video to show the softer and less heated side of protests and politics-based discussions.
I hope people benefit from my efforts in the school, and that students here keep the motivation to fight.