Shawn's Project


Independence National Historical Park

How much does your country mean to you? Do you know everything that you should about your country history? Is there person from a different country that know more about your own country than you do? All the these types question should run through people mind pretty often.I personally am a very patriot person because I love my country. This folder that I will be using for my project symbolism the pride and passion I take in the country and its history.

One detail to support my statement relates the the folder itself .Back when I was still attending my old school,William Dick, I was invited to participate in a program called Spark. The purpose of this program selected consisted of seventh and eighth graders being allowed to go to to the workplaces and find out what exactly it is that they do. The year was 2014 and this was my second time doing this program. The thing that stood the second time for me was that was I got the chance to express my love and passion for my American at the Independence National Historical Park. I was very fascinated by the amazing buildings and the rich history the guys who worked at the park told me about. This inspired me to write an essay describing the park and why people should visit it. At the end of the program, I keep two folder to remind of the great experience that I had at the park.

Another detail to support my statement come from how often I should my respect to my country and those who serve it. As I have already establish, I take a lot of pride in my country. For example, I was usually the first person to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance back at my old school. When holidays like Veteran's Day and Independence Day come along, I make sure I take the time to truly appreciate why we have these day off. These types of holidays were never about eating hot dogs and hamburger or the fact that we have the day off to me. In my opinion, I feel that everyone should love and respect the country they live regardless what the country is.

In conclusion, even though most of example of why love my country so much is from times at my previous school, I still have that same passion today. The folders that I receive from the park me a lot to me because it all stems back to America. That experience I had at the park combine with my love and passion for American is something I hope to used in the future to teach those wish the learn about I feel about the country I live in.