Sianni Wood: Social Media Survival Guide

Sianni Wood

When I am online I am myself. I post what I want and I do not impersonate someone else. People would think of me as a person who loves to be around family and friends. On all of my social media sites I do not have any pictures of me by myself. Before I post online I think about my mom because she follows me. So I have to ask myself is this appropriate. The Pros of sharing online is that you are able to find out things faster. The Cons of sharing online is that it is not private. When we post something sometimes we don’t look over it and ask ourselves who will see this. We also don’t realize that when we post something that it is there forever. We don’t know that once we hit post it is immediately available to everyone around the world. This can affect our reputation. If we post something inappropriate it can cause us to get fired from our job or never get a job. I think that potential employers should not give out background checks. They should know how to separate their private life from their professional life. Free speech is the act of saying what you want. Some stuff like invasion of privacy, discrimination/racism, ruining someone’s reputation with false information is not protected by the law. But, you can state your opinion in a proper manner. An internet troll is someone who bullies people online and get joy from doing it. The goals of internet trolls is to get attention. We can stop trolling by just ignoring them. The pros of posting anonymously is that people don’t know who you are and they can’t hold anything against you. The cons of posting anonymously is that you can still get targeted and get bullied.


  • Be respectful of yourselves and others when posting online.

  • Always ask yourself , “Who will see this” before posting

  • Do not bully anyone. If you don’t have anything to say then don’t say it at all.

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Dexter Le (Student 2019)
Dexter Le

I really liked the idea of your tips. Your tips were only based off of one subject/topic of the internet and its issue, failing to maintain control of posting. There are so many people on the internet just plain bullying other people/users of the internet. I think that the internet is the new wild west but that's just my opinion. I also want to say that, did this ever happened to you?