Social Media Survival Guide

Survival Guide For Social Media:

  • Who am i online? Online i am the same person just without filter.I have no filter online because online, thats your time to be FREE, you can let everything on how you feel, and post what you want.

  • I believe people see me online as if i am older because of how i speak online, how i look online.

  • Before posting online I make sure the post is appropiate, and make sense , and something that i wouldn’t mind reflecting back on me.

  • some pros for sharing online is that you can let your social media know how much fun your having, share your life, and just be free. Some cons of sharing online is that when you have something embarrissing online when you try to delete it, it never deletes. Another con for posting online is that somebody might find out your location if you post a certain place or store, they might stalk you.

  • Lack of Control and Permanence and Immediacy have an impact on my online life because even when you think you control something online it’s always something or someone else that can change that.

  • my thoughts on social media background checks by potential employers is that it shouldn’t matter what you post online because online thats’ when you get to be free and say what you want.

  • A free speech is when you speak freely on the topic, but also be respectful while doing so.

  • An internet troll is a scam artist that has a whole bunch of pop up ads and get paid when someone mistakenly clicks one.

  • The goals of an internet troll is to trick somebody into clicking an ad which will scam them , and the troll would get paid when people click on it.

  • We can stop trolling by if its on the persons page its about it can easily be deleted so no one else can see it , but as if for the people who already saw it , its nothing you can do.

  • some pros of posting online anonymously is  It's easier to be your true self, and You're kind of living a double life.

  • some cons of posting online anonymously is that Your true self isn't tied to a real person, people might take your online self the wrong way, and its not safe.

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