Strokes, they can kill you. - A SLA@Beeber PSA

As you can tell from the title, my group and I did our PSA on strokes and heart disease. I wanted to work with this because heart disease is a larger spectrum for me to learn about one or more specific things. We decided to focus more on strokes. I think I did a good portion of the project. Tyheim did the most considering he got the interview and he edited most of the video by himself. I think something we could’ve done differently was getting more information to back up some of our claims, but we’re well past that now. The most meaningful part of the PSA was the informative portion with our interviewee Andrew Couchara.

Factors that affect public health can be overall lifestyle choices such as what foods you eat, how often you eat those foods, exercise, and genetics. Rich people tend to have better healthcare because they can afford it. They also tend to need it less because they can afford healthier foods, they have more time to exercise, and they probably live in cleaner environments where the lead isn’t as potent, and the air is less polluted.