Sustainable Business and Resource Management

For our benchmark, my group and I created a sustainable business plan focused in the food industry. After researching how other food industries impact our earth spheres, resources used, and the overall carbon footprint, we created ASAM Cafe to outweigh the negative factors and promote sustainable practices community and world wide. 

In the food industry, high levels of carbon are released in the atmosphere due to the transportation and extraction of natural materials, as well as greenhouse gases, caused by energy usage in stores and manufacturing plants. All these factors intertwine with one another and directly impact earth's system (biosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere) in a never ending chain. For example, with the mass production of animals to fulfill the demand of meat in America. It leads to the creation of industrial farms which conduct harmful practices that are inflicted on animals and affects the environment. As the biosphere is being negatively impacted, with amount of land that goes to industrial farms and also add  deforestation, it disrupts the geosphere. With this information, I believe that we can create a sustainable future by using more environmental friendly practices such as using renewable energy or eating clean meat.