Ty'ona Crocker- Natural Disasters

1). The earth systems affect each other because they are all connected to each other. In some ways, they can help out each other, for example, when it rains the water is helping plants grow. This is the hydrosphere interacting with the biosphere and also the geosphere since plants grow on land. 2). Understanding environmental science can aid us in handling natural disasters because then we can learn how to better prepare ourselves for what's to come next time. Although some are not preventable we can learn and understand how these natural disasters happen and what are some things we can do for ourselves when it happens. 3). As people, we have to understand that in order to have a sustainable future we have to understand that there is a need for change. It starts with us and we have already begun to go paperless, beginning to refuse things that we throw away, and even trying different ways to say energy.