Tymere Alexander's Capstone

Good Morrow ladies and gents! It is me Tymere Alexander. And today, I have for you  my capstone project(Senior project), For my capstone, I decided to create a short novel called The Dark Secrets of the Osaki Hotel. It is a Mystery novel that I have been working on since 8th grade. Writing is a passion for me ever since the 6th grade. I wanted my career to be in writing so I can create stories for people and better myself and to better my understanding of the world that I will be seeing after I graduate high school.The process it took for me to create this novel was hard. I had the concepts ready and knew where everything was supposed to go, but I was packed with work and college preparations. Even with all of this on my shoulder, I continued to press on to complete this project and graduate. The product while not finished, is definitely something that you will enjoy. I would greatly appreciate the feedback on my work.Thank you to Ms Hertz and my mentor Ms Leaness  for being there with me through this whole process.