Tyrone Grant's Capstone

The goal for my group's senior capstone was to implement what we've learned in engineering and use it to create something fun and interesting.   So the first thing that came up in our minds was to create a go-kart. The idea was a long-shot, but we believed that it was actually possible to make one in the amount of time given. With the collaboration of our mentor Sal, we've been able to make our goal become reachable. So far, we have created most of the critical pieces needed to make a go-kart by using computer design programs (AutoDesk and SolidWorks) which we've learned in engineering, and bought other pieces such as the engine and clutch. We've also put some of the pieces together to see if they fit and function properly. Even though we've made good progress, we're not done with the overall project unfortunately. We still need to weld all the pieces together such as the frame, and axle. In my own perspective, I believe that this capstone displays the best of my engineering abilities such as using different CADs, collaborating with other people, and using my time proficiently, which are aspects that are needed in life.