Water pollution: Crisis in Ethiopia PSA

We learned a lot about water pollution throughout the year so I chose this topic to bring attention to a place in the world that suffers from which is why I chose Ethiopia. I talked about its lack of clean water resources and the root of these issues along with a couple of ways we can help support them because this is an ongoing issue this year. I previously did research on a location in the United States but I thought using this assignment to not only educate myself about an ongoing issue I had no idea about but also use to spread awareness to the class! I definitely had some troubles creating my PSA due to a lack of creativity but I'm happy with the outcome because I did it to the best of my ability. The video is smooth and I was able to practice my script so I felt super comfortable with my speaking. I do wish my video could've been more interesting or have captions and better videos but I was working with what I had. The most meaningful part of creating this whole project was when I started my research because I was completely lost with the direction I wanted to head towards but once I figured out what I was looking for I quickly got into and the research I found not only educated me but boosted my ideas for this project. I had a lot of fun creating this and I hope people learn something from it!