Water Pollution-Environmental Justice Mini PSA

In Pennsylvania, testing commissioned by the military and conducted by the EPA in 2014 reported extensive PFAS pollution near the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Willow Grove and the Naval Air Warfare Center in Warminster, which closed in 1997 after being designated as a Superfund site. I choose this topic to talk about because water pollution it's a resource that the human population has since forever but with the amount of pollution that has been going, we might not have anymore if we don't start acting and pretending more harm to the human population. I could have done better research and give more details as to why we should not being using chemicals that won't go away. The most meaningful about creating a PSA is to put your all on it and to showcase your hard work.

Comments (3)

Isis Austin (Student 2021)
Isis Austin

I like how you give background on how water pollution began and the statistics on how many people are affected by water pollution. I like how you say what health concerns that could come from water pollution. Good Job!

Yacine Diop (Student 2021)
Yacine Diop

hi yamile, I liked your video it was really impactful especially with how you showed different pictures and talked about lots of problems at once, but what are the solutions to make this situation better?

Lina Burghezi (Student 2021)
Lina Burghezi

I really liked how u talked abt the different chemicals that contribute to pollution! It’s also good u mention the percentage of people effected because it shows how crucial it is to start helping. At the end you say we have to make changes. What are some of the changes we can make?