Zack Waxler Capstone

For my capstone project I decided to use my skills in web design and programming to make a social media website accessible to only SLA students. I got the idea for this project by looking at current websites that serve this function ( blog posts, twitter, instagram, etc.), and noticing that they all have various problems that prevent them from being appealing options to share meaningful content with other students. The blog for example is almost never used aside from teacher’s announcements and mandatory student submissions, and other social media platforms are rarely used for school related purposes. I wanted my website to serve as a middle ground between those two extremes of school related social media. I created the backend of the website using a framework called Express.js along with many plugins, and I created the frontend using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Here is a link to the website:

(Note: Only SLA @ Beeber students and faculty will be able to access the majority of the content on the website)