Zaid Carter Capstone

For my senior project, I developed a comprehensive fitness and nutrition website focused on promoting the benefits of exercise, warm-up routines, and the inclusion of fruit juices in a healthy diet. This project aimed to guide beginners and individuals seeking overall health improvement. The process involved multiple steps, including conducting research, creating content, and engaging in demonstrations. Also, this enabled me to provide evidence-based content that visitors could trust. In terms of content creation, I developed informative articles that highlighted the advantages of working out, the importance of warming up, and the benefits of incorporating fruit juices into one’s diet. Additionally, I provided specific warm-up routines and beginner-friendly workout recommendations to cater to the needs of my target audience. To enhance user experience, I designed an intuitive and nice website layout, incorporating elements such as images and videos. Throughout this project, I acquired valuable skills and knowledge. I deepened my understanding of fitness and nutrition principles, bettered my research and content creation abilities, and developed a better understanding of website design and user experience. Additionally, I learned the importance of practical application in reinforcing the concepts I presented. Overall, this senior project enabled me to create an impactful fitness and nutrition resource while acquiring valuable skills for future goals.