Creativity while learning helps me understand what I'm learning better. Sometimes when the teacher is just sitting there talk and talking and talking it gets boring and goes into one ear and out the other. When i'm actually doing something that's helps me learn while being creative and doing it how i want it's easier to remember and comprehend. I think creativity is important in learning because everyone learns differently. I think things should be hands on and taught fun so the kids actually want to come to school and learn. I dont think im the most creative person out there and i'm a slow thinker but if its un and i'm enjoying myself i actually try and give effort. I want to put in effort. When the teachers gives me something creative i think about how i want to do it and how it can be different than others in the class. I never procrastinate because that's just not who i am. I always like doing creative projects for school because it shows people how different everyone thinks and views on different things. Being creative for me is really important to me because sometimes i feel that people think i'm not smart because of my personality and how things don't come straight to me, but when i have something creative i feel as though i can show them how good i am and talents that they might  not know i have. I think teachers should always want their class to be creative all the time to make the learning quicker and easier. When i learn creatively it's like the teacher understands the way i like to learn and how i learn. I'm more of a visual learner so reading a book or watching somebody write the math problem on the board isn't good enough for me and it's harder to comprehend. That's why creativity in learning is good for me.

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