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Creativity while learning makes me feel like they are giving me a chance to express who I am. Sometimes people or student do not always get the chance to express how they feel because teachers don't allow it. Certain schools want strict and want it to be organized, they don't realize that they are not giving the child a chance to show their true potential. Knowing that I can express myself and given the opportunity to be creative knowing that others don't have that makes me feel lucky. Being  creative means to be different, what makes me as an individual stand out. Doing things differently and not the same way allows you to learn from a different point of view. Learning from a different point of view is very important because not everyone in the world that i am going to have to live with think the same. Being able to see where they are coming from and also being able to see where they are right and where i are right is a very good quality someone should have. That doesn't mean that the other person is always right but to be able to have a decent conversation while learning how others think can be very useful. I could actually learn something that you never knew from that person. The same goes for that person as well, if you know how to be open minded people can learn from you. That is what creativity is all about being open minded , being able to learn something new. If your not open minded you're never going to learn anything because you are stuck with just the basics, just the top layer. When being creative you dig deeper than you would if you just learned the normal simple way. I’m not saying that there's something wrong with learning that way but i believe when someone is able to express there self they also allow other people feelings toward something sink into your expression and expand your view on things.   

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Allison Abate (Student 2020)
Allison Abate

I liked the thought of being open minded it does help when you're being creative.I do agree students need be a chance to express themselves more because there isn't room for creativity when that happens.