Max Brown's Capstone

Since this year is the last year of high school and attending the Science Leadership Academy at Beeber, I wanted my capstone to be something that would be more reflective of how my time here has changed me and how recent events in the world have influenced me to become who I am today. With that goal in mind, I decided to write poetry because it’s not something that I had done very seriously or outside of class before and because it would truly allow me to express how I feel and how I’ve changed over the past three years. So over the course of this school year, I wrote several poems, some in my Creative Writing and Philosophy classes, and some outside of school and compiled nine of them onto a website that I made that is titled ‘The Divide.’ As a result of completing this capstone, I feel like I’ve learned to become a person who is better at reflecting and understanding the consequences of my actions and why I feel the way I do at certain times. Furthermore, I think that I’ve become better at expressing myself, if I was a sophomore and I had the option to release the poems so that the rest of the school could see them, I would be extremely hesitant to do so, but now I’ve grown more comfortable with the idea of people seeing how I really feel. High school is a transformative time for many including myself and I hope that those who read my poems can both enjoy them, and understand me better as a person.

My Annotated Bibliography