natalie burke social media survival guide

i think my online appearance is basically the same as how i appear in real life. i think my online appearance reflects who i am. i think i appear as a typical teenage girl. on my social media,i post pictures of myself. i post what i'm doing, where i am, what i'm eating. overall, i think i seem typical on my online appearance. i think based on how i see myself on social media, i think others perceive me as how i look at myself. i think if anyone was to look at my page, they would just think me as another teenage girl. before i post anything on social media, i make sure it's not offensive to anyone or if it could make anyone mad. the pros of posting online are being able to share your thoughts, memories, and videos with people, or being able to keep in contact with old friends. the cons of posting online is if you post where you are or who you're with, anyone can see and you're basically sharing that with anyone who scrolls past your post, or if you post something you later regret, anyone could screenshot or save. anything you post is now in the hands of anyone, and even if you delete it, anyone else could save it. Lack of Control, Permanence and Immediacy can all majorly affect your online appearance if you were to post an offensive video, or status, or picture, anybody can save it and you can quickly lose control of what you just posted, and if it's something really bad, it can spread across the internet, and from there on, you have a bad online appearance. i think, if youre applying for a job, your employers have every right to look you up on the internet and look at your social media. if i was hiring someone, i would want to know who i was hiring and if they had a bad online reputation. the official definition of free speech is; Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and by many state constitutions and state and federal laws. Freedom of Speech does not include; obscenity, fighting words, defamation (slander), child pornography, perjury, blackmail, and threats. a troll  is a person who leaves annoying content or spam, just to harass or annoy people. the best way to get rid of trolls is to ignore them. my three tips to anyone who uses 1.) be careful of what you post 2.) keep your passwords/information private 3.) dont talk to strangers

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Zaniyah Norman (Student 2019)
Zaniyah Norman

Great job Natalie! I like how you said that you actually take time out to think before you post, and you think about others feelings and how you think it would reflect on you.