Syed Jamil

Syed Jamil Artist Statement

Answers To Essential Questions

Our universe is enclosed with different types of flow of things. Most timely, we see and feel what's go around us. However, sometimes we don't see things that create a great effect in our daily life as for example the flow of electricity. We do experiments to prove our inference. All  in all, we are able to  know things  by making an inference or observing or proving our hypothesis as a valued experiment.

We know things by seeing or observing,but sometimes my assumptions can be wrong. For these reasons, I carry out different experiments based on what I want to know. In addition, we can collect data and analyze them. We clear out  perception by the processes and change of our  understanding. Therefore, we know things by having an experimentation  or observation and these change our knowledge of things or expand the knowledge of the things what our  have known before. The Reasoning

I chose to make this sculpture because it symbolizes, to me personally, the life of someone, and the way that light plays a vital role in our everyday society. Light is one of the major aspects that enables us as human beings to survive in this world. In addition, I would also like to say that anything involving math and/or electricity will catch my interest. It doesn’t matter what the project is; I’ll try with my utmost effort to complete the project and try to exceed expectations because my major is electrical engineering. Even if I start the project at the last moment, I’ll exceed expectations because I’ll put my heart and soul into completing it to the highest extent possible.

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