Read Between The Lights!

Artist Statement

The piece that I am using for my project is a meaningful and artistic. I realize the design for the piece and including the circuits is a little complicated, but it all fit my criteria for what I felt needed to be submitted. I am hoping my project is a success in the end, and that I will get a very respective and kind grade for my efforts.

My artistic and meaningful piece is a hand-made wall flower/wall wreath. It is made up of rolled up book pages to express the love for books and reading. I connected all pieces with hot glue, attached from bottom layer to top, by length. The bottom layer is of longer rolls, and going up and to the center, they got shorter and thinner.  

I chose this design because books are meaningful to me. I love reading, and one creative way to incorporate my passion for reading into our Electric Art Project, is to make a piece of art out of what I love. What I mean expresses not only the love for books, but a passion for creativity incorporated into the learning environment.


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