Signs of the Zodiac Infographic

I chose to do the Zodiac Signs for my infographic because I find the Zodiac very interesting. Everyone knows about the Zodiac, but only their names and what they are. This infographic Gives information about the Zodiac that most people don't know.

Comments (12)

Aliya Rouine (Student 2018)
Aliya Rouine

I really like your graph because you have a lot of information to give. It is very detailed and easy to understand. Also your pictures are really awesome! When did you become interested in Zodiac signs?

Shawn Brooks (Student 2018)
Shawn Brooks

I really like the idea of zodiac because I know they tell you different important things. However, I think you could have been even more detail in the signs. I can't tell what zodiac sign are which because they are not labeled.

Dior Seidle (Student 2018)
Dior Seidle

First, I think that this post is so interesting because it's different from everyone else post. I also enjoy reading about this because I love learning about my sign( Scorpio ). Anyway, I wanted to know what exactly did you mean when you said the planets drift away apart?