Tree Of Life

  1. Project Description
    For my project I’m doing a tree of life on a canvas. It will be a sunset setting and the tree will be filled with leaves on one side and on the other side will be dead with no leaves while birds are flying away.

  1. Reasons for Selecting Topic
    I selected this because there are so many things going on in my life that I appreciate and then its somethings that I’m not so grateful for and I want to show that with this tree of life without me having to explain.

  2. Knowledge or Experience of Topic
    I knew about the tree of life for a while now I just didn’t decide to do it then because I didn’t know if I was capable of pulling it off, but now since I did my first project I have more confidence

  1. New Learning                                                                                                                                                    
    I will have to acquire some see and draw skills ( drawing what I see in my head) because I know that sometimes I think about how I want it to come out but not all the time it comes out that way. I need to have skills with pastels and shading because with this i’m gonna need a lot of shading

  1. Preliminary Research Results
    I did some research with watching youtube videos , I found out that In need pastels , and a black marker in order to do my tree of life.

  2. Main Project Tasks
    My main projects tasks is to make sure I’m blending right, I Will on a rough draft of the drawing on a small piece of paper and then i will see which type of canvas is best to use for my drawing. After that I will start with my base which is the blending of the pastels to make my sunset, after thats done i will draw my tree and birds.

  3. Potential Challenges
    I think i might have some challenges with drawing my tree and birds and being able to fit it on my canvas

  4. What will your project end result be?
    My end result will be having experience working with pastels and a canvas. I Know my project will be a success because I know that I have done everything step by step  , good research and have practiced.

  1. Student  Acknowledgement

I acknowledge that I am responsible for completing my project on time. I also agree to submit revisions to my project proposal as required. I understand that I am responsible for tracking my own progress and asking for assistance from my teacher and/or peers when I need it.


Comments (7)

Tiffany Irick (Student 2017)
Tiffany Irick

I think this project was simple but yet creatative. I noticed the textureof the grass. and i loved the way the colors in the background makes the tree and bird stand out.